What is the speed limit on base?

Where can I find out how to.......?

Who do I see to....?

How much is...?

So many important new details to figure out so we are here to help! Take a few minutes to browse through some of the information we think is valuable for you to know upon arrival at Whiteman AFB.

**Children can listen to a new story each week on the Dial-A-Story line.  Phone number is:  687.6255

** A bit of trivial information....State and Base law require that if windshield wipers are being used, headlights are also required.  Also, it is illegal to leave your car unattended while the engine is running on base!

**The telephone prefix for Whiteman is Area code (660) 563-XXXX (replace XXXX with base extension). The DSN prefix is 975-XXXX.  

**Handicapped patrons are allowed into the commissary half an hour before opening.

**Deer are prevalent on the country highways around the base. Please drive with care!!

**On-base drivers are banned from using cell phones unless with a hands-free device.

**This is the forwarding address for those without a permanent address:

Your name
General Delivery
Box 3000
740 Arnold Avenue
Whiteman AFB, MO 65305

Be sure to stop in the post office to pick up your mail when you arrive.

**One commonly asked question is: what does Knob Noster mean? The name is Latin and means "our hills".

**The Club is co-located; which means facilities for officers and enlisted are housed in one building but have separate parking lots and entrances.

**If you live in base housing (or most of the local area) expect to need cable or a satellite dish if you wish to watch television. Reception in the area, even with a large antenna, is poor.

**Firearms on Base must be registered with the 509th Security Forces Squadron using AF form 1314.  Those living in the dorms must store their firearms in the armory.

**Pets in Base Housing must be registered at the Base Veterinary Clinic within 5 days of moving in.  Pets older than four months must have proof of rabies vaccination.  Pets must be on a leash while on base and may not be chained or tied in Base Housing without direct supervision.  There is a limit of 3 pets per base housing unit.   Veterinary Clinic:  Bldg 103  660.687.2667


**The Driver's License Bureau does not accept out-of-state personal checks.

**The Knob Noster area enjoys a moderate but humid climate.  Winter highs average 40s - 50s and Summer highs average 70s - 80's. 

**Be sure to carry your proof of valid insurance in your vehicle.  Missouri law allows for a one year license suspension if no proof of insurance is presented at time of an accident.

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