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Off-Base Housing Information

Cheyenne Mountain does not have its own on-base housing but uses nearby Peterson AFB on-base housing.

FAMILY HOUSING MANAGEMENT OFFICE-  Located in Bldg 850 at 710 Loring Ave (PAFB).
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm
     719.556.7946 / DSN 834.7946

Peterson AFB has a variety of base housing depending upon rank and family size of service member.  On average you can expect to wait between 3 and 18 months for an on-base unit.



E1 - E6 /   2BR up to 12 mos
E1 - E6 /  3BR up to 6 mos
E1 - E6 /  4BR up to 6 mos
E7-8 / 3 or 4BR up to 6 mos
E9 / 4BR up to 12 mos
O1-3 / 3BR up to 6 mos
O4-5 / 4BR up to 6 mos
O6 / 4BR up to 12 mos

Advance applications (DD Form 1746) can be made through the Family Housing Management Office, as soon as you have PCS orders.  Form can be retrieved at or through your base housing office.   Be sure to report to the Peterson Base Housing Office to complete your application upon arrival.

Information updated: 09/21/12


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